Getting Started

You've done a few club rides, you've beaten your clubbies on a few segments - either in real-time or on Strava.

Many riders find that organised inter-club racing is a great way to find motivation and take their riding in a new and challenging direction.

To get started racing you will need a grading - and of course there are multiple types of grading and it's all confusing to new riders!

Once you've got a grading you can START RACING!

Each club has a different system with slightly different rules - generally speaking you need to be graded to race on the Thursday before racing on the weekend.

Most other clubs operate on a self-graded system, but if you ride your Balmoral / Hamilton grade you won't go far wrong.

To move to a higher grade, we recommend winning consistently or riding away from the peloton in a show of supreme strength.  We do however recommend that very strong triathletes gain experience in the hustle and bustle of club racing before trying open racing.

For many riders, their club grade will be one grade higher than their open grade (e.g. Club B, Masters C). If you ride Open A, you will generally be riding Club A as well.


Club Grading

Open Grading

Open gradings are used for most racing sanctioned officially by Cycling Queensland.

Download and fill in as much as you can and then email it - the Vice Captain of Racing countersign it and add some grading notes, then send it back to you.

You should then submit the form via email to CQ.

Gradings should be done at least 2 weeks in advance of your first Open race, but CQ is flexible if you're polite.

Age divisions are allocated in bands (typically 5 year bands) based on your age during the calendar year. 

They are used mainly for competition at State, National and World level competitions.

E.g. if you are 42 years old you will be classified as WMAS3 (women) / MMAS3 (men) - 40-44 years old in the current year. 

Your Cycling Australia license shows your current age division.

Age Division

There are lots of rules around racing, far too many to list here or keep up to date.

Your best option for reviewing the current rules is at Cycling Queensland's Rules and Policies.

Feel free to email the club to see if we know more - or can point you in the right direction.


Everything else...