Challenge Rides Series

Kangaroo Point Cycling Club invites you to challenge yourself in 2016 with our Challenge Rides Series.

These relaxed rides are an extension to our weekly Club Sunday Ride program and will inspire you to get on the bike and try something different, all with a great group of club mates and all guaranteed to be the most memorable rides of the year.

Each ride will feature a social group as well as the option to form a fast group for a harder hit out, enough stops along the way to refuel and will all end with a drink, some food and a few memories to share with your friends! 

If you are new to the Club, please contact the Club Captain prior to attending these rides. 

  • We strongly recommend that you purchase yourself a  Cycling Australia Recreational (Silver) - 3 Month Membership ($28) for your own insurance purposes before your ride, which will also give you 3 months of access to the full range of Membership benefits.

  • Our rides are designed for road bikes, and the use of mountain, triathlon (tri-bars and rear disks) and fixed geared (brakeless) bikes are not permitted on our group rides, primarily for safety reasons.

  • Riders under the age of 16 are to be accompanied by a parent, and should contact the Club Captain beforehand to discuss suitability of the ride. 

  • You should advise the Ride Leader of any relevant medical conditions / special requirements that you might have prior to departing.

26 January | Mt Glorious for Australia Day

Brisbane Cyclists traditionally challenge themselves with the climbs of Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious for Australia Day where Australian flags, jerseys and national pride is de-riguer. Start your #kpchallengeridesserieswith this rewarding climb featuring a quick stop at the Rainforest Cafe atop Mt Glorious before returning for an Australia Day pavlova at My Sweetopia!

  • Departs: 6:00am Goodwill Bridge
  • Distance: 86.6km / +2587m
  • Time: 4.5 hours return
  • Difficulty: 3/5 (moderate ride, very difficult climbs)

Contact the Club Captain with any questions about this ride.

Mt Glorious on Australia Day Route

26 March | Ronde van Brookfield-gem-beek-berg

The Ronde van Brookfield-gem-beek-berg is the Club's annual Spring Classic inspired by the classic races of the World Tour. If you can't make it to the cobbles of the Arenberg Forest for Paris-Roubaix, or to Koppenberg for the Tour of Flanders you should be a part of Ronde van Brookfield-gem-beek-berg!

This ride is a good bit of fun for all Club Members with a parcours that features twisty roads, gravel, 3 infamous climbs; Goud Kreckberg (Gold Creek Rd), Savengberg (Savages Rd) and Opper Brookfieldberg (Upper Brookfield Rd), creek crossings and out-and-back opportunities to have a 'hit out' for bragging rights amongst your club mates on three fingers of the Forest of Brookfield.

Be sure to wear your best / worst retro kit to pay homage to the ‘Classics’ kings; Merckx, De Vlaeminck, Coopi, etc., and bring out your hand-built alloy wheels and steel framed bike from the back of the shed. Refer to the 2013 and 2014 write ups.

  • Departs: 6:00am Goodwill Bridge, South Bank side

  • Distance options:

    o    3 fingers: 84km

    o    2 fingers: 71km approx. (Gold Crk Rd & Upper Brookfield Rd)

    o    1 finger: 58km appox. (Upper Brookfield Rd)

  • Time: up to 4 hours return

  • Difficulty: 3/5 (moderate ride, moderate climbs)


Due to well publicized tensions with some Brookfield residents please ensure that the road rules are obeyed at all times, and behavior is considerate of residents that may still be in bed on their Sunday morning:

  • stay to the left hand side of the road at all times and do not cross the center line
  • ride no more than 2 abreast and 'single up' to allow cars to pass
  • refrain from making excessive noise while riding or stopped at each dead-end

Contact the Club Captain with any questions about this ride.

Ronde van Brookfield-gem-beek-berg Route

17 April | get to the point

Do you remember being a kid, taking your bike and just going exploring? Are you looking for a ride that is a bit different? No same old same old river loops or repeats of hills? Just exploring? If you are... join us for get to the point on Monday 17 April.

Get to the point is a social ride, for all abilities. It can be as far and as hard, or as short and slow as you want. – you choose! 

This is a ride we have never done and can probably never replicate because even at the start line no one – not even the Club knows exactly where you are going! You might get lost, you will definitely ride somewhere new and most of all you will have fun.  

So how does this challenging social ride work?

In teams of up to 4 people you must ride to 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 Points (checkpoints) around Brisbane. These Points are spread all over the city and selected at random so you've got just days prior to the race to plan your strategy!

Some Points will be easy to access. Some will be harder to get too.

It doesn’t matter what order your team does the Points in or even how many you do. Each Point is worth different points and your goal is to get as many points as possible.

You've got 4 hours to collect points and make it back to the finish line at MySweetopia where you can enjoy a rewarding breakfast. Did we mention that for every minute that you are late back we'll start deducting points?

Sound simple? This challenge ride is as much mental as it is physical, and with the right strategy you may be able to enjoy a relaxing ride around Brisbane with friends and still win the day! Pre-planning is important, and we encourage to start now!

> Read the rules here first.

> Download your scoring sheet here for a full break down of all points and Points.

The Points for the 2016 edition of get to the point are:

See the Points here.

17 July | Rapha #womens100 with KP & Mens Faffa #lads100 Ride

Join the Kangaroo Point Cycling Club for the Rapha #womens100 on Sunday 17th July 2017. The ride will depart Goodwill Bridge, South Bank side at 6am for a mostly flat loop of Deception Bay / Redcliffe Loop before returning to MySweetopia for a warm coffee and cupcakes (or porridge). Join our Facebook Event

Check out the write up from our 2014 Rapha #womens100 ride.

2015 Rapha Women’s 100 with Kangaroo Point Cycling Club Route

16 August | O'Reilly's from Canungra

O'Reilly's climb is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable climbs in South East Queensland. Ride out as a group from the township of Canungra through 10km of farmland, before you reach the first of the grid crossing indicating the start of the climb. The road narrows and winds itself up into the clouds at an average gradient of 4% with views to the Pacific Ocean and Beaudesert. Settle into a comfortable pace and spin your way up the climb saying hello to the rock wallabies and kangaroos before reaching the Mountview Alpaca Farm after 25km. Either turn around and roll back down the mountain, or venture onto the O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat where the road gets rough and steepens to pinches of 15%. Head back down taking your time to enjoy the decent and regather at the Outpost Café for a coffee or the Canungra Hotel for a more refreshing beverage.

  • Departs: 7:00am DJ Smith Park carpark,  Kidston St, Canungra
  • Distance:
    • Canungra to Alpaca Farm return: 50km / +853
    • Canungra to O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat return: 70km / +1245m
  • Time: 3-4 hours return
  • Difficulty: 3/5 (moderate ride, gentle climb with small steep pinches)

Contact the Club Captain with any questions about this ride.

2 October | Club Century

The Club Century is a long standing tradition of the Club. It's the one time each year that the full Club rolls out together for a leisurely 100km.

  • Departs: 6:00am Goodwill Bridge, Southbank
  • Distance: 103.3km / + 876 metres
  • Time: 4.5 hours return
  • Difficulty: 3/5 (long ride, flat to undulating)

Contact the Club Captain with any questions about this ride.

3 December | Numinbah Valley

We depart from the southern end of the Gold Coast heading towards dairy flatlands, sugar cane and country charm on the border of New South Wales.  Our first climb is the 4.5% Springbrook ascent where the perfect hot mix bitumen will make light work of this picturesque effort.  We then descend in to the Numinbah Valley to climb to a breathtaking border crossing in the shadow of O'Reilly's before descending inside an extinct volcano culdera to the quaint town of Chillingham for a Chocolate Frozen Banana. After a break we continue down the Tweed Valley in to Murwullimbah before crossing back in to Queensland to regroup and enjoy a beer and burger at Burleigh Heads.

  • Departs: 6:00am Burleigh Heads Car Park, The Esplanade

  • Distance: 126km / +1770m

  • Time: 7 hours return

  • Difficulty: 5/5 (very long ride, very difficult climbs)

Please RSVP for this ride, and contact the Club Captain with any questions about this ride.