The purpose of this document is to describe the values and behavior that the Kangaroo Point Cycling Club Inc. (KPCC) is seeking to promote and encourage its members and supporters to adopt.

The KPCC was founded in 1905 and is the oldest cycling club in Queensland. 

The club has been built on the best traditions of the sport, with respect for the sport and fellow riders, good sportsmanship and a sense of our history being the foundation for the club’s operation.

Whilst the club is a racing club with an impressive tradition of representation at all levels of the sport, we continue to welcome riders of all abilities and a wide range of supporters in to an environment of fairnessequality and support.

Cycling clubs provide the support network which forms the foundation of cycle racing in Australia. Without this support there would be no cycle racing. 

The KPCC aims to support all its members regardless of their level of participation in the sport and encourages its members to actively participate in club activities held from time to time throughout the year.

KPCC works to create a positive environment of good will and fellowship and provide the opportunity for people of all abilities to participate in the sport of cycling and associated activities to develop their full potential as their circumstances permit.

The members of KPCC are a group of people who enjoy a common interest in the sport of cycling. By recognizing the diversity of our membership, the KPCC includes members with a wide range of skills and interests in the sport of cycling and a community club.

The KPCC recognizes the importance of maintaining internal cohesiveness and equality to ensure that the club does not become fragmented. The KPCC expects every member to accommodate the inclusive ethos of the club. Every member of our club is equally important and plays an integral role in this large support team and in the success of the club.

The KPCC expects its members to abide by the Kangaroo Point Cycling Club Constitution and By Laws

The KPCC expects its members to abide by the Cycling Queensland Code of Conduct with particular reference to section 5 of that code and other policy documents and acknowledges that the Code of Conduct and other policy documents apply to all members.