Road Teams Pursuit 3 Lap Handicap Shootout

The Road Teams Pursuit 3 Lap Handicap Shootout is an exciting new format of road racing that crosses a short course team time trial with the challenge of a track pursuit! Add seeding rounds, handicaps to level the playing field, multiple head-to-head elimination shoot out and you've got a spectator friendly recipe for exciting racing.

Hosted by the Kangaroo Point Cycling Club at Albert Bishop Park on Monday the 5th of October (Labour Day Public Holiday) this will be the first time this format has been hosted in Brisbane!

How does it work?

  • Teams of 3 riders register on the line from 7am (for an 8am start) for just $20.
  • Teams of nominate in to one of our nine pools: #1 All Elite (men or mixed). #2 All Elite (women). #3 All Masters (men or mixed). #4 All Masters (women). #5 Juniors U9/11/13 (boys or mixed). #6 Juniors U9/11/13 (girls). #7 Juniors U15/17 (boys or mixed). #8 Juniors U15/17 (girls). #9 All Sorts (anyone from any category that want to ride together).
  • Teams will race two head-to-head races in their pool to establish a handicap.
  • The fastest qualifying times in each pool win a free-ride to re-enter the competition in the next round up until the semi finals (final 4 teams) if they are eliminated in a previous round.
  • Once all team handicaps are established, we move to the shoot out elimination rounds.
  • Teams are allocated at random on to the tournament draw for the head-to-head shoot outs.
  • In each head-to-head shootout the slower team will ride the inside line and the faster team will ride the outside line with the starting delay between teams established by the handicap (which will be reviewed after each race).
  • The first team across the line wins the round, avoids elimination and moves through to the next round.
  • The second team across the line is eliminated and can enjoy a drink trackside watching the rest of the racing.
  • Teams with free-ride's may re-enter the competition after elimination in any round before the semi-final finals.
  • The rounds continue until only 1 team remains and is crowned the champion!

What are the prizes?

  • The winning team takes home 60% of all entry fees on the day (yes, that's one seriously big prize!).

It doesn't matter if you're Brisbane's fastest A-grader, or brand new to the sport, the handicap levels the field and gives everyone a chance at the win! Plus wouldn't it be exciting if our final race was exactly that; A-graders chasing juniors for the win!

Questions and answers:

  • Who is this race for? Everyone with a Gold Racing Licence. You don't need to be from the same Club or the same sponsored team, you just need two friends to come and race with you.
  • Will a team of A-graders have an advantage? Only in their heads, but not on the track!. Our handicapping makes it possible for everyone to make the final round and take the win!
  • How do I stay warm trackside? Bring some rollers and keep the legs turning over.
  • Will their be an awesome soundtrack for the morning? Absolutely!
  • Will there be a coffee van? We hope so!