If you've seen us racing in the #greenwhiteblack and you're keen to get involved this Quick Start Guide is for you.

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Step one: contact us.

Contact the Club Captain to discuss what the club can offer you and let us know if you would like to join us for a race. We race nearly every weekend, so there's no better time to say hello than today! Racing is fun, friendly, challenging yet rewarding - and you can be doing it as soon as this weekend!


To race you need a Race (Gold) Licence

From January through to June you can buy a whole year licence, and from July through to October you can buy a half year licence. From October through to December you can renew for the next year.

Racing Licences aren't cheap, but they come with insurance, and membership to Queensland's oldest cycling club - which has a huge range of member benefits.

If you already have a Recreational (Silver) Licence you can upgrade it to Gold, or buy a 3 Race Permit if you're not ready for the full upgrade.

You can do everything online right here.

Be sure to print a copy of your receipt and bring it with you on Saturday!


Local criteriums are a very important part of the racing scene. They're on every weekend, they're cheap to enter and they're easy to get to.

We run a regular Saturday morning ride departing from Southbank for a warm up out to the Bay and then we head to the races. This is the perfect way to get ready for your first race!

One of our more experienced racing Members will ride alongside you as everyone is warming up. They will tell you all about what to expect in your first race, where to ride, how to stay safe, and answer any questions you have. They'll hang out with you right up until the race starts, at which point you'll be having too much fun to be too worried.

Then it's over to you to turn up to the start line, roll around for 40 minutes at 40km/h average (it's easier than it sounds!!) and enjoy the racing. It doesn't matter if you come first or last, or even if you finish the whole race. It's your first race and it's all about getting in and giving it a go!

After the race you'll head back to the cafe for a coffee and a good chat with your new Club-mates.

There is no better feeling than rolling in to the races with a bunch of your Club-mates in the #greenwhiteblack and representing the Club in your first race, so you should definitely think about Step Four!

STEP FOUR: get the #greenwhiteblack

You'll want to tell people that you're a Member of the Club, and the best way to do that is to wear the #greenwhiteblack.

Our Club Shop carries a range of comfortable and high quality Club Kit that you can try on and purchase. It's all manufactured locally by Tineli. You can buy it as soon as you're a member - and you don't need to be a pro to represent the Club!

Step FIVE: where to from there?

Every rider is different, so we can't tell you exactly where you'll head from here but there are plenty of things that the Club does year-round that may be of interest:

  • Weekly training rides are on regularly for you to train and enjoy getting fitter and faster.
  • Criterium Racing Training is on for a couple of weeks at a time, usually twice a year to teach you some skills and race craft for criterium racing.
  • We hold a Club Criterium Championships later in the year, and if you're keen you can also do our Club Track Championships early in the year.
  • You can arrange for an Open Grading with our Club Captain that allows you to race Open Road Races like the Cunningham Classic.
  • You can access Coaching and Mentoring from our experienced Club Coaches and Mentors.


You can ask our Club Captain anything that you like at any time.