TeamKP's DomD at the QLD Club Teams Time Trial

A short account of Dom's first ever Teams Time Trial.

On Sunday 22 September, 26 Team KP riders in 7 teams ventured out to Rosevale to compete in the Queensland Clubs Teams Time Trial.

I quickly learnt that this 72km time trial was no walk in the park after the first 2kms.... The elite division was set to ride a gruelling 72km magpie swooping stretch of bitumen, through Rosevale on an undulating course.

Sipping on our bidons and gels, we scrounged all the energy we could find and powered on.

After a solid session in the hurt box, the finish line was in sight. The speed ramped up and we dashed to the line together like madmen. Across we went and finished. What a ride, cramps, magpies, crosswinds and funny looking helmets the ride was finally over.

Sunday nap here we come. 


DomD is a member of TeamKP and regular contributor to the KPCC Blog. 

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