Performance Racing Program and Young Rider Development Team

Kangaroo Point Cycling Club is pleased to introduce two major initiatives to further develop the racing strength of the Club in 2014.

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Racing Performance Program

With assistance from the Club Coach, this program of structured coaching and support aspires to provide club members with access to a regular program of riding, strength and conditioning exercises and cross-training alongside a variety of peer support and coach contact to assist with rider development during the 2014 road season.

The program that is still under development and will gradually roll out over 2014 will be based on group goals and may include major season races like the Cunningham Classic, Battle on the Border and the Metropolitan Championships.

With backing from the Kangaroo Point Cycling Club, the program will be free to all Club Members.

Members are encouraged to get involved and take advantage of this unique opportunity as more information is made available during 2014.

Young Rider Development Team 

As part of the Performance Racing Program, Kangaroo Point Cycling Club is also pleased to introduce a Young Rider Development Team.

The team will provide a structured training, racing and mentoring program to an initial group of 6 young riders from the Kangaroo Point Cycling Club.

The team will race under their own identity, but will be entirely owned and managed by members and friends of the Kangaroo Point Cycling Club.

Through regular contact with team management, team coaches and team patrons, the young riders will be guided along their chosen racing pathway as a team, with a focus on maintaing a life balance between training, racing, working and studying.

Riders successful in their application for the team will be expected to demonstrate a commitment to maintain strong performance and behavioural standards in order to maintain their position and will also be required to show a strong commitment to the club and to actively participate in club activities.

The Kangaroo Point Cycling Club will be releasing more information on this exciting new initiative over the coming months and looks forward to offering the opportunity for all Club Members to get behind their team.

Applications for the team are now open.

> Team Rules

> Eligibility Criteria

Further information about these exciting new initiatives is available by contacting the Kangaroo Point Cycling Club.

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