DYOKPT: Design Your Own Kangaroo Point Tee

Kangaroo Point Cycling Club is pleased to announce that by popular demand - we will be producing our next limited edition apres cycling tee (the Club Casual Tee) in time for Christmas 2013! 

Because we call these limited editions we've taken the printing template for last years flying kangaroo design and placed it in the KP Time Capsule so that it can't be used again.  That means this year it's...

DYOKPT - Design Your Own Kangaroo Point Tee. 

20130831 DYO KP T.jpg

We're calling on YOU - our talented and artistic Club Members - to put on your creative hats and submit a unique and memorable design for the 2013 Casual Club Tee.

All of the designs will be vetted by our artistic and creative committee before being put to a members-only public vote.

The winning design, by popular choice, will be made available for all club members and club-supporters to purchase by pre-order in time for the KP Christmas Carnival on 20 December 2013.

The winning designer, in addition to fame, fortune and glory will receive their very own twin-pack of matching tee's (one green and one black) valued at $50 as a prize!

To enter- download these guidelines and start creating! 


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