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If you've seen us riding in the #greenwhiteblack and you're keen to get involved this Quick Start Guide is for you.

Step one: CONTACT US.

Contact the Club Captains to discuss what the club can offer you and let us know if you are interested in joining us for a ride.

Step TWO: JOin us for a ride.

Riding with a Club gives you access to a range of rides with like minded people and your first step is to join the Club for a Sunday Club Ride.

We call this a 'test ride' where you can meet some Club Members, ask as many questions as you like, learn a little bit about riding in a group, and get a feel for whether the Club is for you.

We recommend signing up for a Cycling Australia Recreational Ride+ 3 Month Membership ($30) at minimum that will give you 3 months of access to the full range of Membership benefits.

As long as you have a road bike with clip-in shoes, some comfortable clothing and a helmet you're ready to start!

This is a social ride where nobody gets left behind and usually covers around 60-70km in 3 hours.

Step THREE: UPGRADE your membership.

If you enjoyed your 'test ride' you are welcome to continue riding with us, just remember to upgrade your 3 month licence before it runs out!

To ride with the Club you need a Recreational Ride+ Licence

Twelve month Recreational Licences are available all year around, with renewals coming up each Quarter.

You can do everything online and you can contact our Secretary if you need a little bit of help.

Step FOUR: get the #greenwhiteblack

You'll want to tell people that you're a Member of the Club, and the best way to do that is to wear the #greenwhiteblack.

Our Club Shop carries a range of comfortable and high quality Club Kit that you can try on and purchase. It's all manufactured locally by Tineli.

Step fIVE: where to from there?

Every rider is different, so we can't tell you exactly where you'll head from here but there are plenty of things that the Club does year-round that may be of interest:

  • Weekly rides are on regularly for you to train and enjoy getting fitter and faster

  • Our #kpchallengeridesseries program offers a variety of long and challenging rides throughout the year

  • There are plenty of opportunities to Volunteer from joining a Committee or Sub-Committee to lending a hand with Social Media, Event Management or just a few hours every now and again at our events

  • You might like to have a go at racing to see what all the fuss is about, and we run Criterium Racing Training for a few weeks in a row twice a year that is the perfect opportunity go give it a go in a non-threatening and safe environment


You can ask our Club Captains anything that you like at any time.